Hey Everyone!!


The Mix Tape made the Top 20 last week! I’m so thrilled! To celebrate Top 20 and to thank you all for your support I am calling for requests and shout outs for tomorrow’s show! Tomorrow is probably one of the last ‘themeless’ shows for a little while making it a great time to play whatever YOUR hearts desire! I am limited to what’s available at the station and full disclosure they don’t have everything but if you give lots of options or wide open recommendations I’ll do my best. Think of tomorrow as a listener appreciation show. Please direct your requests here or to the facebook (the BSR phone line is tricky and the earlier I get your requests the better) 



Hey this applies to all of you as well! I appreciate everyones support and tolerance over all my radio stuff lately so if you want to make a request or would like a shoutout I’ll do my best for tomorrows show!

(Oh and once again, please listen and like!

I just finished writing a proposal to do my final project on the brony club on campus. College is ridiculous don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.