alittleawesome asked:
Your top 5 moments of 2013? I wanna know about your most favourite days :)

Aw well this is a really lovely question. 2013 was a super quiet year for me so I didn’t have a lot of interesting moments. Most of these will probably be kinda lame.

- My 21st birthday was this past March (march 5th), I didn’t have any formal party or celebration. Despite my better judgement I’m sort of obsessed with Birthdays so turning 21 was exciting in general and I drank a ton, my brother even bought me drinks over the phone which was pretty nifty. 

-Living at my best friends house for a week. We had a ton of fun and did a bunch of ridiculous things, it was an excellent few days. 

-Seeing/meeting John Waters. In case it isn’t obvious enough I absolutely LOVE John Waters, I’ve been crazy about him since I was little. He ended up doing a speaking engagement at my old school and it was run by a club some of my best friends are a part of so I got to be like second row center and meet him afterwards. It was just so amazing, though I barely said anything to him because I was so flustered and excited. 

-My time with my Grandma this year, especially the last day. I lost my Grandma earlier this year which was horrible and tragic for all the reasons you would expect. We were always really close but the last few years I spent a great deal of time taking care of her (she had alzheimer’s and serious mobility issues) the last parts of her life were very difficult for all of us but I still dreaded losing her. Finally after a long battle of her illness and other health issues she passed away. It was hard and still is but I had one last day with her that was so hard and sad but was exactly what I could’ve hoped for in the situation. 

-Hmmm pretty much all the times I went out with friends or went up to visit them was wonderful for me. Since leaving school I rarely get to see them. 

yeahhh I know you’re not supposed to talk about these things too much online but does anyone know any good ways to download music for no money? my old way is kinda not working and I’ve been dying for a few albums in particular and I really don’t want to seek out each individual track (and the proper versions of them)